In my teen years, girls and women frightened me. Talking to them was maybe more difficult for me than it was for others. While all my friends would get their first girlfriend, I would rather stay in the corner hoping that no girl will talk to me.  That is why I looked for help in the Pick Up community. I read book after book of Neill Strauss. I learnt complicated flirting scripts, learnt a stupid magic trick and put on the weirdest combination of cloths just to stand out. I could slowly talk with girls, but the inner fear that they could anytime reject me never really went away.

With 17, I thought I had my greatest success: I finally found a girlfriend. Awesome! Kissing, holding hands and doing all sorts of romantic stuff. After a few months though something changed and my so-called lover would start to emotionally abuse me. It started with avoiding me and refusing to text me back. Then, she would start an argument with me when I asked her for some more time…of course she won that argument. Finally, she would insult me, hit me and told me she would leave me if I ever hit her back. I felt trapped in a disastrous downward cycle and did not know how to get out of it. She broke up with me just to text the next day that she wanted me back. 

The moral of the story for me was this, that Pick Up techniques only work for a certain kind of woman. And I did not want to have this type ever again. It took me 3 years until I could open up myself to a woman again. As I was afraid still, I got together with a girl…well, which wouldn’t fit either. My friend said she was totally below my league…but deep inside I guess I did not feel that I deserve better. In these months I almost turned a criminal with this woman! That’s when the night was darkest for me. I broke up and i stayed away from women for the next two years.

But around that time one coach and his book entered my life. He got the advices I needed. Basically he taught me how to be a strong and attractive men. I worked on myself, my personality, also my social skills. Luckily, I could spent a year in Toronto, Canada, where I studied. I could real craft who I wanted to be in the fire of real social interaction. I talked with as many women as possible. I got my fair share of rejections from them and thus conquered my childhood fears. It was a tough time, but I am so grateful for it today.

After the first encounter with my “master” it took me only 6 months in which I could gradually turn my relationship life around by 180°. I met the love of my life. Earlier than expected my soulmate entered my life without any online datings or something like that. I was ready to welcome her in my life, seduce her and keep her since today.

I returned to Germany. And now I am happily living together with her. Looking back I am so grateful to have received the right advice at the right time. I come home, my lady is there and jumps happily towards me to give me a kiss and a smile. In that lovely embrace, I feel that I mastered probably the most important area in life: my relationships. What is your money, your job, your great lifestyle worth, if you haven’t experienced the deepest connection possible between two human beings?

This is why I chose to support other men in their love lives so they can experience what I experience every day.